Research Fellow

My main research interests are the optimal use of genotype and sequence data to increase genetic gain and improve welfare within livestock populations. I obtained my PhD at The Roslin Institute where I was investigating the biological pathways and identifying genetic markers that confer resistance to viral diseases with major economic and welfare impacts on cultured Atlantic salmon populations globally. The outputs of this research have been incorporated into Atlantic salmon breeding programs in Norway and Scotland, and have opened up new avenues for investigation. Upon completion of my PhD, I joined the Hickey group at The Roslin Institute where I am involved in a number of projects with a common aim of optimal allocation, use and dissemination of sequencing resources within livestock breeding. My current projects are focussed on the development of methods to identify the best individuals to sequence at optimum coverage to ensure accurate phasing of haplotypes for use in the imputation of sequence data into the rest of the population. I am also developing methods for the downstream applications of sequence data, including strategies to select genomic variants as targets for genome editing.

Employment History

2015–Present: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Bioinformatics

The Roslin Institute, UK.


2011–2015: PhD student in Genetics, Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics

The Roslin Institute, UK.
Thesis: Mapping and functional characterisation of the Atlantic salmon genome and its regulation of pathogen response.

2008–2011: Bachelors Degree in Biology

Queen Mary University of London, UK.


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