Coffee breaks during COVID-19

AlphaGenes and HighlanderLab are aware of the importance of social interaction, so we continue to enjoy coffee breaks with each other while we work from home.


The Alphagenes and Highlander Lab participated in an Escape room last weekend. The group divided in two and battled against each other to escape first. We all had a great time and although not everyone escaped the pirates, we still finished with smiley faces.

Afterwards we celebrated our victory (or loss) together and had a lovely dinner at Chez Jules. We finished our night full of good food and an excellent experience.

The Edinburgh Winter 5K run

The Alphagenes “run4fun” team joined the Edinburgh Winter 5K Run event last weekend. The weather was not promising at the beginning, but during the run we enjoyed the sun and a rainbow. We all finished with smiley faces (well most of us did).

Looking forward to many more!

X-mas Lunch

AlphaGenes Group enjoyed good food and company at the Apartment this year.

We continued with mini golf at the Vulcano Falls Fountain Park where the team with young players were far ahead before the other side. The night was still young for some of us, so we decided to sample a few brew goodies.




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