Our group AlphaGenes focusses on the development and application of quantitative genetics methods and computational approaches for animal and plant breeding programs and human genetics. Currently our overarching research aim relates to the development of what we call “Genomic Selection 2.0“. We envisage that GS2.0 would be underpinned by huge quantities of sequence data generated at low cost and could enable several new ways of driving genetic improvement and biological insight. Specifically we are developing the algorithms, software and strategies for generating and analysing data on this scale and new breeding program designs to derive breeding benefit.


  • Removal of alleles by genome editing (RAGE) against deleterious load

    Deleterious variants occur when errors in DNA replication that disrupt the function of a gene. Such errors are frequent enough that all organisms carry mildly deleterious variants. Geneticists describe this as a deleterious load, that cause organisms to be less healthy and fit than they could have been if these errors didn’t happen. Load is...

    May 1, 2019
  • Team building

    2019 March Team building was organised in the extremely pleasant location at the Norton Hotel in Edinburgh. We made a reflection of all the exceptional achievements of the entire group. At the same time we made guidelines for the future of our group in the field of excellence and expertise. AlphaGenes had Team building in...

    April 3, 2019

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