Our group AlphaGenes focusses on the development and application of quantitative genetics methods and computational approaches for animal and plant breeding programs and human genetics. Currently our overarching research aim relates to the development of what we call “Genomic Selection 2.0“. We envisage that GS2.0 would be underpinned by huge quantities of sequence data generated at low cost and could enable several new ways of driving genetic improvement and biological insight. Specifically we are developing the algorithms, software and strategies for generating and analysing data on this scale and new breeding program designs to derive breeding benefit.


  • LGBTQ+ in STEM Day 2019

    AlphaGenes supported celebrating the LGBTQ+ In STEM Day. A link to the LGBTQ+ in Stem Day 2019 at the Roslin Institute is available here...

    July 9, 2019
  • Symposium and Special Issue of the Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics in honour of Robin Thompson

    Robin Thompson had made fundamental and extensive contributions over many years to the development of applied statistics and to the genetic improvement programmes. This was recognized following his nomination by colleagues by the award of a Doctorate honoris causa (Dhc) by the University of Edinburgh on 30 June 2018. To further mark the occasion, an international symposium...

    June 28, 2019

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