Chair of Animal Breeding

My research interests span four broad areas: (i) computational methods for animal, plant and human genetics; (ii) breeding programme designs, strategies and theories for animal and plant breeding; (iii) applied animal and plant breeding research via collaboration with public sector and commercial breeding organisations; and (iv) translating research from animal and plant breeding to other fields (e.g., human and evolutionary genetics). I undertook PhD studies in the Netherlands on genetic evaluations of multiple breed cattle populations followed by post-doctoral positions in Australia and Mexico. In Australia I developed methods and algorithms and accompanying genotyping strategies to impute genotype data in livestock populations. This work has subsequently been implemented in some of the largest animal breeding programs globally. In Mexico I worked at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) where I researched aspects of genomic selection in plant breeding programs. I now lead a research group at The Roslin Institute.

Employment History

2015-Present: Chair of Animal Breeding

The Roslin Institute, UK.

2013-2015: Career Track Fellow in Quantitative Genetics

The Roslin Institute, UK.

2012-2013: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Quantitative Genetics & Plant Breeding

CIMMYT – The International Maize & Wheat Improvement Centre, Mexico.

2008-2012: Post-Doctoral Researcher in Quantitative Genetics & Animal Breeding

University of New England, Armidale, Australia.


2005-2008: PhD Student

Wageningen University & Research Centre, Lelystad, The Netherlands.
PhD in Quantitative Genetics & Animal Breeding.
Thesis: Multiple Breed Genetic Evaluations of Cattle.

2003–2004: MSc Quantitative Genetics & Genome Analysis

University of Edinburgh, UK.
Thesis: Application of a quadratic selection algorithm to restrict the variance of response to selection while maximising the response to selection in a poultry population.

1999–2003: BSc of Agricultural Science (Animal & Crop Production)

University of Dublin, Ireland.